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The "Loire à Vélo" green way

On 3 July 2013
by Nathalie,
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Today'll go to Karine, our colleague from the neighbor tourist  office "Another Loire" in Champtoceaux who traveled our territory of the Vineyard Nantes cycling with her family. She tells her journey in her blog Here are some excerpts:


.... We are trying to join the new greenway fitted below the Divatte. It is located southwards of river Loire, without departing from the river Loire we were happy to find very well appointed  bike paths in the area of San Sebastian, then along the ring road of Nantes. Finally, it passes below and reach the famous greenway. I would say that this greenway is the nicest track of our adventure. We left our little child of 5 years age pedaling on his own ... he easily did 10 miles. Before reaching the restaurant "Auberge du Val de Loire" at  La Chapelle Basse Mer for a well deserved break.

  ... After a light and pleasant lunch (I recommend the strawberry macaroon of la Chebuette of Saint Julien Concelles), we continue our drive south to Loire Champtoceaux.

The markup ... Loire à Vélo takes us on the bridge until the half to go out on an island cultivated by gardeners. The route to La Varenne is very nice: After the vegetables which are important in the local economy, the landscape is hilly (but the route is flat): vineyards, fishing villages, islands ..

 As Karine green lane on the edge of the Loire offers new discoveries. On your bike!


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