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Spring wakes up in the marsh Goulaine

On 2 April 2014
by Nathalie,
Chargée de promotion ...


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It feels like spring in the marsh Goulaine!

marais de goulaine oiseaux office de tourisme vignoble nantes


With sunny days mean nature waking up. It is true that animal and plant life is intense. With an area of ​​2000 hectares, this wetland provides many species the opportunity to grow in peace and nest there.


Did you know that no less than 166 species of birds have been counted ... Mallard, Coot, Teal, Filigule millouin, garzelle Egret, Purple Heron and ash, beef Guard, Night Heron, Black and Whiskered Terns, Kingfisher, Great Cormorant, Spotted Crake, Marsh Harrier, Great Crested Grebe, black-necked Grebe and ... well I will not go on the list, I prefer to let you discover it all with the kind of leaders the Blue House.


maison bleue office de tourisme vignoble nantes

Located in Bridge Ouen, in the municipality of Haute-Goulaine, the Blue House is a place of welcome, information and education on the marsh Goulaine to better know this one wetland lesser-known in Loire Atlantique although located 15 km south-east of Nantes in the heart of Nantes Vineyard and part of the European Natura 2000 network..




After the winter break, the Blue House opens its doors to the public early this month, Sunday, April 6. You can discover thematic exhibitions, participate in meetings and nature outings, visits to make boats ... So why not come and spend the day and bring a picnic!


marais de goulaine office de tourisme vignoble de nantes



My advice: push the ride to the top of the Butte de la Roche. You will not be disappointed by the scenic landscapes that are available to you, by changing colors and the serenity and harmony that emerge from this place.



marais de goulaine butte de la roche office de tourisme vignoble de nantes


A magical place, Marsh Goulaine can reveal its secrets if you take the time to listen! ...


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