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Thursday Wine at Domaine Menard Gaborit

On 16 July 2013
by Nathalie,
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A beautiful light of late summer afternoon, vineyards in soft shades of green, the Mill of Mining in the background, the stage is set for "Thursday Wine" on 11 July  at Thursday wine Domaine Ménard Gaborit in Monnières.


Philippe Ménard, his wife Pascale, their son François, Thierry Maryline Ménard and his wife welcomed us warmly.  les jeudis du vin

This is a beautiful story of family here. Philippe and Thierry, the winemakers of the family,  talk about the work in the vineyard. We are listening enjoying a flattering Chardonnay, then heading for the cellar ,where we share some of the secrets of winemaking and tasting techniques.


As an appetizer we enjoy a Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie (Melon de Bourgogne grape), the "perlant" bublles are highlighted by delicious appetizers, the technique of breeding Muscadet on the lees is described les jeudis du vin


Then the meal takes place in the cellar where there is a lovely warm atmosphere. Menu to a "home" cooked meal by Pascale who has undeniable talent for french cuisine.

Each dish is associated with a wine, the entry scallops with Chorizo ​​is accompanied by a Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie prestige cuvée, then we shot the white hake served with a cru communal Monnières St Fiacre   followed with cheese "curé nantais"  hot with a Chardonnay,   wine aged in oak barrels and then a tart strawberry rhubarb pie cleverly set up an appetite by Ambrosia (the name given to wine grape Melon de Bourgogne prepared according to the technique passerillage as the straw wine)les jeudis du vin.   


The master winemakers Philippe and Thierry have distilled their advice tasting throughout the evening, Pascale "leader" in the kitchen has received well-deserved applause, the last word expressed by the guests' excellent A to Z "reward for a nice evening.


les jeudis du vin

Finally I took during the evening a beautiful testimony of Philippe, the winemaker, and I quote "a passion that can be transmitted so it becomes a game feel" 



Next appointment of Wine Thursdays:

Thursday, August 8
to 20 hours, costs 25 euros,

Other events or discoveries to meet the winemakers Muscadet can be discovered in the full program of amazing caves.


Report prepared by Caroline Blanloeil, Head the Tourist Office Development Departement 


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume with moderation


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