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Hiking route la Divatte

2h30 easy

Length of the route : 0.0 km Town : Divatte-sur-Loire

From the car park, head to the leisure center and continue along the playground to join the edges of the Divatte. Follow the grassy space, pass a bridge and still continue along the Divatte undergrowth. Climb a hill and descend to walk along again Divatte. After the Gallo-Roman bridge, you leave on your right, go up a path on your left. After his ascent, continue in the village and turn right on the road. Continue on the road and just before the bend, continue straight on the road. At the road, cross and continue across the path. Make your way through the vines and turn left at the first road and then left and right always in the vineyards. Walk along the vineyards on your left to do not walk on the road and then cross the road to the mill level and reach the village. In the village, turn right and right again and then left onto a path next to a barn. Take good then the little sunken road on your left. Walk down the path and then turn left and right and go up the hollow road, then at the exit of it, turn right and follow the fence and reach the village. Turn right on the road and continue on it. Turn left in a vineyard path. Continue to join a shady path. At the road, turn right and immediately left between vineyards and a hedge. At the goose leg, leaving the vines and continue well right on the path along a hedge. Coming off the road, return to the vineyards and veer to your left to reach the village. Turn right to make your way on the road. Cross the county and go across on the way. At the crossing, always go straight on a large tree-lined path. At the goose leg, continue on your left. At the road, cross and walk along to your right using the edges of vineyards and then turn left into a road next to the houses. Continue along the shady path and then along vegetable farms. Commit yourself right into a small shady hollow way. Continue in a forest, cross a small stream, go up the road and get out on the road on your left. Take on the left path beside a hangar. Make your way straight on this road and turn right between a meadow and a hedge. Continue in the shady path always straight. At the road, turn left and go down to the county you cross to get to the starting point.

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