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French heritage label pays d'art et d'histoire

The Vignoble de Nantes belongs to the Pays d’art et d’histoire  FRENCH HERITAGE label

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Guided tours by certified professionals of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, heritage. Workshops, conferences and debates... Let us tell you about the heritage of the Vignoble de Nantes in all its diversity.




The colours of the region

Orange for architecture, from local dwellings to historical monuments. Blue for the water - the rivers, the Marais de Goulaine and the Loire. Green for the vineyards, the countryside and local crafts

Different themes in different balances in twenty-eight towns and villages around the Vignoble de Nantes, Basse-Goulaine and Vertou.

Tell me a story...

Heritage workshops are great for young people to learn about the area either with their schools or on holiday..

Meeting up

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Guided tours in summer and "summer for 6-12 year olds", workshops and encouters with heritage and architecture professionals.


In September, programmes based on the European Heritage Days.

During the autumn and winter, the Université de Lie gives lectures by professionals and researchers.

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