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Rivers and waterways

The Vineyard of Nantes area has a thriving industrial past which is still visible today, with a well preserved fauna and flora in varied landscapes. Vineyard and crops inhabited by many birds, mammals and fish.

Hiking trails and nature discovery tours for young and old, the GR Sevre et Maine hiking trail offers a route of 300 km along the rivers Sevre and Moine. A green and varied cycle trail  gives you access to the area directly from Nantes!

The vineyard of Nantes is also a playground for anglers and water lovers with several clubs and leisure sites.

To the north:

The Loire valley

The river offers a wide variety of environments hedgerows, islands, reedbeds, flooded grasslands, wetlands, wooded valleys and tributary streams feedings. Classed by Natura 2000 the area is a site of national interest.

Goulaine wetlands

Goulaine wetlands, 15 km south-west of Nantes, upstream on the left bank of the Loire is  in the heart of the vineyards. It is also classed by Natura 2000

To the South:

Valley of the Sèvre Nantaise

This watercourse crosses the territory with its tributaries the Maine, the Moine and the Sanguèze. In some places, very picturesque, it is navigable from St Fiacre sur Maine to Pallet, many villages have quays which allow them direct access to the river.

An industrial valley

The part of the river near Clisson is is no longer navigable. The geography becomes steeper around the river and the increased flow rate has led to many factories springing up here to benefit from the water supply. The Sèvre served as a waterway for the wine trade before becoming a hydraulic power source. Most mills were inspired by the clissonnais style.

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