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European Championship of Shorinji Kempo at the Champilambart on Saturday July 2nd from 2pm.


On Saturday July 2nd, starting at 2pm, the European Shorinji Kempo Championships will take place, a martial art that has been established in the commune since 1999. /// Given the dynamism of the clubs established in the Loire Atlantique region, it is a first that such an event does not take place in a European capital, since the last editions took place in Stockholm, Lisbon, Monaco and Paris. /// The town of Vallet, nevertheless the capital of the Muscadet region of France, with the help of its mayor Jérôme MARCHAIS, has been chosen to host the competition. More than 300 practitioners are expected at the Champilambart complex. /// In addition to the competition, 3 days of training (not open to the public) will complete this event, bringing together the greatest experts in the discipline, including Master Aosaka (9th dan and head of Shorinji Kempo for Europe) as well as a Japanese delegation including the grandson of the founder, Kouma SO (President of the World Federation). /// Shorinji Kempo's vocation is physical and mental reinforcement, in a peaceful spirit. The competition is practiced through the "EMBU", which is a technical presentation (noted by judges) through a fight prepared with his partner. The harmony between the two practitioners, the energy released, the verisimilitude of the fight represent a lot of points /// Frédéric JUHEL, teacher of the club of Vallet and champion of France 2022 will represent France in this competition.

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Open on 02/07/2022

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  • Samedi : from 14h00

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