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Elodie Poux dares everything, it's even that we recognize it. With her last name sleeping outside and her heavy childhood past, this thirty-year-old woman with liberating humor imposes on stage, in a few minutes, her falsely naive world.


Through characters all more ravaged than each other, and a stand up cynically jubilant, you will find yourself laughing, laughing, and still laughing at his adventures with children, parents, but also cats and zombies. No need to have procreated, nor to have worked with children to appreciate the show, the spectators are unanimous: "This humor is creaky, it stings, but it feels good! After her resignation from the Nursery Schools (since she was asked not to return), Elodie Poux went on tour (nearly 150 performances a year) with her show in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and even Sainte Flaive la Jaille ... She also scours comedy festivals, artist plateaus and radio and television programs. If Elodie Poux passes near you, go see her! And like many spectators before you, you will leave by massaging the zygomatic, you will be affected by the Playmobil syndrome!

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Open on 14/11/2019

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  • Jeudi : from 20h30


  • Basic price : From 29€ to 41€
  • Individual tariff reduced : 24€


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