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The historical troupe of Bouffons offers you two hours of a delusional comedy or truth and lies intertwined to make you dizzy...


On Saturday 4 February at 8.30 pm and Sunday 5 February at 3 pm, A year after Broadway’s success, here we are! , the amateur theatre company of Vallet Les Bouffons, returns to the stage with a new play by Ray Cooney, adapted by Michel Blanc and Gérard Jugnot and directed by Nicolas Brandicourt: Endangered species. The synopsis promises a lot. By mistake, Yvon exchanged his briefcase for that of a stranger in the RER. What is there? Millions. He begins to dream of a new life under the sun of Buenos Aires. But his wife refuses to leave unexpectedly in the evening or friends come to dinner. The minutes pass, the catastrophes follow. Cops get involved, so does the owner of the briefcase. All this triggers an infernal mechanism and plunges the viewer into a delusional nightmare», promises the director. Laughter, lies and misunderstandings, a funny comedy for any audience.

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Open from 04/02/2023 to 05/02/2023

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