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This silent show speaks of the small obsessions of everyday, these small obsessions which sometimes become unhealthy and which, by excess of meticulousness, end up making "fart cocotte". Starting from 7 years old.


At the crossroads of the theater of objects, the circus and the involuntary clown, the show Vu, solo for manipulator of everyday objects, stages a meticulous character, delicate and ordered to excess ... In opposition to the hyperactive, he takes care, certainly of things sometimes derisory and innocuous, but always indispensable to his sense and this in a way that can not be more conscientious and sincere. It is there, calm, very calm, very very calm, but the history skips and it is this which interests us. Cruel truth, misplaced voyeurism!

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  • Circus


Open on 07/05/2020

Opening times

  • Jeudi : from 20h00 to 21h00


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Le Quatrain
Rue de la Basse Lande

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