We had an appointment at  domaine Ménard Gaborit wine property last Friday for a wine tasting dinner in their cellar, part of the  Caves EtonNantes winetourism event programme.

The whole team of the property greeted us warmly around 7:30 pm for a welcome drink. We are forty, many people came in groups. Thierry and Philippe Ménard opened the evening by showing us around the cellar with barrels eating biscuits and sipping young Muscadet.

Quotations will punctuate the different highlights of the evening and as stated Philippe it’s also a way to avoid eating too much akin to a dinner restaurant. The soul of Baudelaire enchanted this delicious treat enabling us to get to know more easily our fellow diners. After a well filled aperitif came the starter: on the menu a tasty salmon tartare topped with a whipped horseradish cream. Buds crackle due to this sumptuous appetizer served with a suitable Muscadet (aged in oak barrels Muscadet) !

After an early poetic interlude with well-chosen quotations, we now turn to the main course. Pascale Ménard has created a monkfish with armorican sauce. Philippe serves up a Grand Cru Muscadet Monnières Saint Fiacre. A typical keeper of the vineyard, with an emphasis on sweetness. A great wine that will satisfy our feminine sensibility.

The typical cheese platter of the vineyard of Nantes questions us. The opportunity for each guest to find out more about the Saint Lumine tomme cheese and Curé Nantais .

For the grand finale, nothing like a cake adorned Nantes seasonal fruit and accompanied by a Malvasia. The meal ends with Muscadet all this sweet treat and it’s time for us to give you an appointment for other entertainment in the wine cellars of the vineyard of Nantes

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, drink in moderation