Since 2005, The Haye-Fouassière is a town labelled “four flowers” in the Vineyard of Nantes.  You can discover flowerbeds and gardens of the town thanks to a short tour of 700 meters which starts up and ends behind the town hall. There are many perennials protected and labelled all along the tour.

Why the town have created a “Gardens Tour”? 

“Rather than naming it flowery, we preferred beautification, it’s more adapted because we take into account in same time different aspects, landscape, architecture and flowery.

In our rural commune, arrangements have to be simple and natural. Every arrangement must be in agreement with our environment and way of life. The most important is to take time to take best decisions. An observation and a reflexion period is often needed before to change or to modify something because we want effects of the modification to be positive for our environment. Whether it be for a small garden or a most important investment, it’s always necessary to consider the whole of the project. 

It must find also a flowery style which corresponds to the image of the town, it’s important to vary the decoration. That’s why, we have created, since 1992 flowerbeds with perennials, bulbs and shrubs which are presents all the time. We find also constantly news flowers and plants to diversify our decoration.

In all our conceptions, we try to draw attention for interested walkers.”

During your tour, you can enjoy quietly the “Peace Square”, sitting on a bench, listening water running down the fountain or walking… Breathing the smell of English roses… Look up and you could admire peace doves, elements of the statue which ensures on the garden… 

Also, you can walk across the “Garden of the vicarage” …humble and simple garden, unpretentious like a priest garden… With perennials, aromatic plants, vegetable plants and fruit trees… Take time to enjoy and why not… taste!

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