Goulaine wetlands, 15 km away from Nantes is a preserved natural area located in the heart of the Vineyard of Nantes. This listed site, part of the European Natura 2000 network, covers 5  and is home to an abundant animal and plant diversity. The wetland covers a total area of approximately 5000 acres with a floodable area of 3000 acres..

Landscapes that change with the seasons

Apart from the presence of a lake at the Pont de L’Ouen, the wetlands are  flooded in winter. In summer, it is drained. Among the huge meadows with florishing vegetation can only be seen the « douves », small canals bordered with willows.
The vineyard bordering the wetlands  and the market gardenings, give the landscapes a picturesque aspect that change according to the seasons

A preserved site

More than 143 bird species are present more or less regularly on Goulaine wetlands. This environment allows the nesting of rare species. There are also many rare plants. Favorable environment also for insects and butterflies but also fish. These  wetlands are one of the largest pike spawning grounds in France. .

La Maison Bleue in Haute Goulaine is a reception, information and education office on  Goulaine wetlands  (hosting classes and groups). It is also a place of exhibitions and activities .

La Maison bleue
44115 Haute-Goulaine
Tél : 00 33 (0)2 40 54 55 50