Taste all the specialities of The Loire banks during a whole day trip for you group.
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All the specialties of the banks of the Loire ! Learn about the history of the Royal River, discover its authentic cuisine traditionally made from fresh vegetables from Nantes and enjoy one of the flagship products of local wine shops and restaurants.

10:30am on foot or by bus Tour of the banks of the Loire (2h)

On foot or by bus, discover the activities linked to this wild river: market gardening: lamb’s lettuce, lily of the valley and fresh produce are the flagship products of the banks of the Loire, sand quarries, the transport of wine and merchandise in the old days as well as the floods and the unique construction of the Divatte Levee along the Royal River (scenic stops by bus).

12:30pm Lunch including specialties of the banks of the Loire (1h30min)

2 restaurants at the edge of the Loire to choose from: the chefs will introduce you to the local culinary specialties: frog legs or beurre blanc. An important gourmet detour to learn about the riches of the territory. 

2:30 pm Tour of Chateau de Goulaine (2h)

Come discover Château de Goulaine: its “Renaissance” architecture of the beautiful mansions of the Loire Valley. New! The 15th century vaulted kitchens are now open to the public! Dive into the unique atmosphere of the castle’s kitchens. Discover the market gardening tradition of the Vineyards of Nantes, whose history is still unknown. Workshops and games will test your culinary knowledge. Visit the Official Museum of the Maison LU and discover the history of Jean-Romain Lefèvre, who will astonish all visitors with his pastries.

Or guided tour of the Brewery « Brasserie de la Divatte »

1h30-2h There is also the beer in the Vineyard of Nantes ! Discover the workshop of manufacturing of the beer “Trompe-Souris” and “Vieille Tour”, all the history, the ingredients and secrets of manufacturing told by the brewer. Smell the different flavour of hop and malt, then taste the speciality of the banks of the Loire with commentaries of the brewer. Shop in the brewery.

Prices : € 35,5/p  : With restaurant menu Auberge du Val de Loire – 45 pers. maximum / Supplement public holidays, foreign languages € 1/pers.
€ 36,3/p: With restaurant menu La Pierre Percée – 80 pers. maximum / Supplement public holidays, foreign languages € 1/pers.
€ 37/P : With restaurant menu Clémence – 65 pers. maximum / Supplement public holidays, foreign languages € 1/pers.

Includes: Tour of the banks of the Loire, 1 identical menu for all guests with a glass of wine and coffee, visit to the brasserie (tour of Château de Goulaine: additional €5 / pers.) Excludes: Transportation, mileage for vehicles: from 3.9 to 10.3km depending on the tour of the banks of the Loire, personal expenses.
Prices:1 free meal for the driver or free excursion for the group leader for every 35 paying participants, price based on a minimum of 25 participants – maximum of 45 participants (Auberge du Val de Loire) 65 participants (Clémence).
From Tuesday to Friday. Additional fee public holidays, foreign languages: €1 / pers. 

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