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Place des marronniers 44190 BOUSSAY BOUSSAY

12 km Walking Average - 3 heure(s) 30 mn

The river Sèvre, grove, mills and small villages of stones: a concentrate of landscapes in a hike !


From the parking, take the rue Cardinal Richard, and down the street go straight on the road to Plauderie. Follow the left and continue on the small road. In the village, turn left, walk past the mill and follow the path along the Sevre. Turn left the tree-lined driveway and after refit left. At the road, turn right and then left at the crow's feet before the village of Ecornevrière. At the next junction, take the opposite path along the hedge, cross the stream and take the path that climbs to the left. Continue to the right along the road to cross the Gressière, and bottom of the second turn, pledge to left in a path across the fields. Follow the farm road always straight, cross a road and then a second, and go straight for 2 km along a narrow road to Boussay. Continue straight through the Roman streets. Cross the road and take slight left onto the sidewalk and immediately right in a small way. At the cemetery, turn right in the way. Cross the road to the cross and continue on the road until you reach the railway. Continue left to lead the route you follow to the right for 100 meters. Continue to the left towards the Ténévrie through the village and down towards the Sevre. Down the path, enter the pre and walk along the left edge of woods. Follow the trail along the river to the village of Rousselin. Go around the Inn of the Three Mills and just opposite the entrance, get involved in an alley between two houses and follow the trail to the right and then right again to restore the river. At the end of the path, go up left and immediately right into the wood to follow a small steep path that wanders the hillside and then joined the sporting course of Sautjeau. Get out of the course in the driveway mimosas, and continue down the street, take the road right into the town hall.


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  • Tagging: jaune
  • Departure town : BOUSSAY
  • Arrival town: BOUSSAY
  • Difficulties: Walking Average - 3 heure(s) 30 mn
  • Dstance: 12 km
  • Type of road surfacing : Promenade et Randonnée (PR) footpath

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