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The Italian landscapes of Clisson

Tuscany in Britanny - Clisson, the Gem of Nantes vineyard

A medieval crossroads on the Marches of Brittany, Clisson was developed by a number of artists and art lovers of the 19th century, becoming an idealised landscape inspired by Italy.

This is a town with a unique character, both Breton and Italian together, where tile and brick mingle with slate and granite. At the crossroads of three ancient provinces, Anjou, Poitou and Brittany, Clisson has a fascinating history that traces back to the 11th century. After the wars of Vendée in the 1790s three characters with a love of Italy arrived in the area, the Cacault brothers and the sculptor F.F. Lemot. Together they introduced Italian architecture in the post war reconstruction of the valley.

Discover all the main interest sites of clisson :


Clisson - mediaeval town in the Brittany marches

Clisson castle stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the whole town.



Clisson, the Italian dream

Clisson's red brick and tiles, along with the Garenne Park are master works, inspired by artists brought up on Italian culture.



Clisson in lights

clisson in lights image


Every evening from June to October the Clisson illuminations bring the sublime charms of its heritage to life. At nightfall, the castle is adorned with a halo of light, revealing the contours of medieval bridges, architectural details and hidden rivers. Magic at work!




Clisson in pictures :  logo flickr vers l'album clisson vignoble de nantes  logo pintrest vers le tableau clisson vignoble de nantes

Clisson a place visited by many bloggers

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instameet clisson image the vineyard of nantes

Clisson, a place for Instagramers

June 6th 2015 took place in Clisson the first instameet of the vineyard of nantes , follow the upload of instapics of that day. 

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