Taste and savour the thousand flavors that offer you the Vineyard of Nantes, you will be surprised …

A Gourmet destination

On the banks of the Loire, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits are invited to your table according to the seasons: leeks, lamb’s lettuce, lettuce, radish, carrots, turnips, strawberries, apples and kiwis. The abundance of these market garden products combined with the know-how of our restaurant owners offers tasty pleasures and festive meetings !
Not to mention the lily of the valley which, taking advantage of the particularly mild climate, remains the flagship culture of the valley …
The Vineyard of nantes offers many gourmet stages between the Loire and vineyards. Culinary art is both traditional and inventive. Discover our restaurants ! 

Come and visit our breweries, biscuit factories and delicatessens …

Fruit of the soil and the river, fruits of the elaborated know-how of craftsmen, the gastronomy is as much the quality of a work as that of the final product tasted. To share without moderation !

Vultures, lamprey, white butter, muscadet, gros-plant, merlot, Saint-Lumine local cheese refined with muscadet, fouace, muroîse: as many products tasted as professional and culinary know-how. The Vineyards of Nantes area  is particularly attached to the pleasures of the table and the palate.

Numerous competitions and awards greatly boost the quality of local products. It is from this emulation that the taste pleasures that are found in artisan bakers, delicatessens, cheesemakers, market gardeners, vine growers, breeders and arboriculturists, on the tables of restaurant owners for the pleasure of all epicures and food lovers . In the vineyards of Nantes, gastronomy or culinary art is also the art of living together !

Did you know ?
The famous White Butter sauce was invented in the nineteenth century by a famous cook, Clemence Lefeuvre, Saint Julien de Concelles. This recipe with multiple interpretations pairs wonderfully well with the Loire fish (pike, lampreys, pikeperch, salmon) and reveals the harmonies of Muscadet. The Clémence LeFeuvre Award is also the name given to an all-female jury that has been rewarding a Muscadet since 1993.