With the green and nuanced colors offered by the vineyard landscapes over the seasons, the vineyard is also a territory of water. The designation Muscadet Sèvre et Maine is named after two rivers that run through it..

Southwards the Sèvre river is the natural axis that crosses the vineyard with its tributaries, Maine, Moine and Sanguèze.

Northwards the Loire Valley and the Goulaine wetlands  also offer a formidable mosaic of natural environments and a great diversity of species.
The Vineyard of Nantes offers a multitude of privileged spaces for strolling, rest and relaxation or for fishing and nautical activities


The Sèvre Nantaise is a river with a lot of charm.  In some places, it is very steep and picturesque as in Boussay, Clisson or La Haye-Fouassière. In many villages, wharves provide direct access to the river.
The Sèvre Nantaise was once used as a shipping route for transporting wine and materials extracted from quarries, before becoming a source of hydraulic energy with numerous mills. Most of them were inspired by the Clissonnais style. Nowadays, in Gorges, the Liveau paper mill in Gorges revives a 19th century activity..

Maine river flows into Sèvre river  at Saint Fiacre.  A leisure base is located at Pont Caffino (Château-Thébaud/Maisdon sur Sèvre) offering multiple activities in the heart of an exceptional natural landscape in a valley of granite cliffs.

The LOIRE river

Considered as “the last wild river in Europe”, the Loire river landscapes have particular characteristics which make them a formidable natural environment where a very rich fauna and flora develop. 
The Loire Valley is also the land of early vegetables, market gardening is an integral part of the environment.
Along the Loire, there are many activities: walks or bike rides along the Divatte levee along the Cycling Loire circuit, water sports, boat rides.

GOULAINE wetlands

Goulaine wetlands, 15 km from Nantes, is a preserved natural area located in the heart of the Nantes Vineyard. This classified site, registered in the European Natura 2000 network, extends over 5 communes and shelters an abundant animal and plant diversity. More than 143 species of birds are present more or less regularly.
In the heart of Goulaine wetlands, a  reception information and education office called La Maison Bleue offers exhibitions and activities to better discover this unique site