In the Vineyard of Nantes, we love bambinos!
Many tourist and leisure sites have set up activities or thematic visits that will seduce your children and allow you to compose a holiday program for the whole family.

lET’S turn the clock back 


In Clisson, dive into the secrets of a medieval fortress. Free or guided tours allow you to discover the architecture of Clisson Castle and the life of its illustrious occupants. The Castle offers thematic workshops during the holidays: fabrics of the Middle Ages, the assault of the fortress …


In Gétigné, discover an architecture with Italian inspirations in an exceptional park. To know everything about the history of the property and the life of its creator, the sculptor François-Frédéric Lemot, tours give the keys to understand this decor. Thematic workshops allow you to learn while having fun: treasure hunt, apprentice sculptor, seed of botanist …


A castle of the Loire is located in the heart of the vineyard of Nantes near Goulaine wetlands. Games-workshops and costumed tours for the children make it possible to discover this fortified castle which turned into Renaissance residence of the same family since 1000 years.

the MUSEUM of the vineyards of nantes

Different stages of grape processing, the know-how of the winemakers, visits and fun activities are offered to children.
Around a collection of more than 500 items, the children’s course allows you to experiment and
learn while having fun: coloring, puzzles, drawings, games of smells / aromas, spotting objects or even disguising yourself as a winemaker or chemist …. For the more active, walk through the museum in pedal tractors …



In Pont Caffino, come and live with the children thrills in the heart of a natural landscape
exceptional, the Maine Valley, looks like a real little canyon here.
Many nature activities offer over 8 ha a guaranteed change of scenery …. canoeing, climbing, archery, hiking, fishing, playgrounds …


In this outdoor leisure area, everything is done for the happiness of children and their children.
families: fitness trail, games, sailing, fishing, picnic tables, barbecues ….
On the water, the water activities allow to practice the sailing, windsurfing and paddle without forgetting the pedal boats for the lovers of the quiet ride.

ready for adventure ?


Children will be delighted to meet giraffes, zebras, antelopes and rhinos that evolve in the African plains of one of the most beautiful animal parks in France. They will experience unforgettable moments with felines, great apes and their offspring which are born each year or by looking up at the 200 birds in free flight. Guaranteed emotion !

MURMURES DE ROCHERS family circuits

Fun and sensory discovery circuits allow you to discover the riches of the environment
natural (fauna and flora) that punctuate the valleys of Sèvre Nantaise or Maine rivers. 


LE LIVEAU historical paper mill

In Gorges near CLISSON, a fromer paper mill revives a nineteenth century activity on the edge of the Sèvre Nantaise river.
Through a fun and informative visit, children can discover paper making and printing. Animated educational and playful workshops allow them to reproduce the gestures of the first papermakers and to make their own sheet which after drying will become the support of a drawing or writing activity.

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