Between Loire and farmland, a green and nuanced landscape through the seasons is revealed in the detours of plateaus and hills. From these vines come the Muscadet, emblematic of the vineyards of Nantes.

Muscadet wine, a flagship

The Vineyards of Nantes is the cradle of the Muscadet Sèvre and Maine designation, named after the two rivers running through it. It is the largest single-varietal white vineyard in France.

Muscadet has been introduced in the Vineyards of Nantes during the seventeenth century from a unique grape variety , the ” Burgundy melon”.

The « sur Lie » vinification method is also unique. It allows to raise the wine on its yeast deposits in order to draw the best aroma and a fine bead like sparkling sensation « le perlant »

Exceptional local wines

Since  2011, the vineyard is in the process of recognizing communal wines. These Muscadet of high expression, produced on a specific soil and long elevated, bear names evocative of their terroir of origin.
Gorges, Clisson, Le Pallet are the first three local wines officially recognized as a PDO. Other designations are in progress : Mouzillon-Tillières, Monnières-Saint-Fiacre, Château-Thébaud and Vallet…

The winegrowers welcome warmly you all year round. Many activities around wine are proposed to allow you to discover the vineyard and help you to discover the secrets of Muscadets..

Account of Joël Forgeau, president of the designation :

« For consumers, the local wines of Muscadet are the guarantee to offer great ageing and, original wines for they are very rare and still little known, with the very precise and clearly identified « terroir ». The wines confirm that there is a real legitimacy, for a lover of great white wines all over the world, to choose a muscadet. For the winemakers, the official creation of the wines is an acknowledgment of the quality of our « terroirs ». It is also a recognition of the work accomplished over the years to better know, analyze and highlight them. But it is above all an encouragement, a driving force to motivate all the actors of the vineyard to pursue this path towards excellence. The local wines of Muscadet open the way to all the designation. » (2011 Interloire press release)

The  Muscadet Sèvre et Maine vineyards in figures :

  • 2 Régional PDO’s (Muscadet and Gros Plant du Pays NANTAIS)

  • 1 sub regional PDO Muscadet Sèvre et MAINE

  • 9 Local Muscadet PDOs among which 3 recognized and 6 in progress

  • 400 farms, 1 cooperative (Les Vignerons du Pallet

  • approx.14000 acres

  • 99% whitewine

  • Muscadet : 1st Loire winearea PDO in amounts