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Icarian and acrobatic worn games of all kinds for 2 artists, 3 bottles of water and 1 pack of chips, to see with family, from 6 years


Mule is a little joyous and cruel fable, sometimes immoral, carried by two acrobats, a dance with two, where, to flit in the air, we absolutely need the feet or the hands of his partner. It is no longer known in this maelstrom of bodies that flutter in the air, who wears and who flies away. In this closed door in proximity, a delicate relationship is woven, both tender and complicated, where the physical performance is primarily at the service of the construction of this fragile moment of humanity.

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Ratings and certifications

  • Circus


Open on 28/04/2020

Opening times

  • Mardi : from 19h30 to 20h30


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13 Route des Dorices
Le Champilambart
44330 VALLET

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