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A new art exhibition "One landscape and some artists 1805-2014" at the Garenne-Lemot property in Gétigné

On 23 July 2014
by Nathalie,
Chargée de promotion ...


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Since the begining of the summer, a new art exhibition takes place at the Garenne-Lemot property in Gétigné.

The name is : “One landscape and some artists 1805-2014 " 

exposition paysage la garenne lemot été 2014











exposition paysage la garenne lemot été 2014


The team of the Tourist Office of Nantes Vineyard discovers with the help of Nathalie LESCOP-MESLIER mediation coordinator, a new art exhibition at the Garenne-Lemot" property : “One landscape and some artists 1805-2014 "

From July 4th onwards and until October 19th the Loire-Atlantique area presents the "landscape school" created by François Lemot (former official Napoleon's sculptor) from 1805 onwards at la Garenne property in Gétigné next to Clisson.

Superb exhibition gathering numerous drawings and engravings, paintings of public and private collections result of inspiration for artists throughout the nineteenth century.

The exhibition also hosts contemporary works of two artists in residence at the Villa Lemot: photographer and painter Gerard Franck Julien Parsy.

The exhibition is elegantly staged through different media: Touch table to visualize and locate follies in the park, terminals, prints and also games for children; an interesting and very rich artistic tour for all ages, not to be missed.



exposition paysage la garenne lemot été 2014


This exhibition can be seen  : 

from 4 july to 30 september : each day from 11 am to 6:30 pm

from 1st to 19 october : each day (except on monday) from 2 pm to 5:30 pm 

Mediation on site - guided tour each sunday at 3:30 pm

Family artist studio - each saturday at 2:30 pm

Free entrance.

Further information   02 40 54 75 85 and on the web site  Grand Patrimoine de Loire-Atlantique. 


Département de Loire-Atlantique -  Grand Patrimoine de Loire-Atlantique

Domaine de la Garenne Lemot - Avenue Xavier Rineau - 44190 Gétigné


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