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With this new creation, Chaliwaté Company continues its search for a physical theater, halfway between dance, gesture, mime, choreography and circus. A real success!, From 8 years old.


Between two airports, from the "populated" space of a transit zone to the confined space of an airplane cabin, a man tries to deceive his loneliness. In the dizziness and confusion of movement, where space and time are lost, he dreams of a new beginning. A movement with three protagonists is organized, the intensity of which emphasizes the isolation of the departing man, or wandering. Through a dozen paintings that take us into the passenger cabin, the cockpit or the airport hall, Jetlag's singular scenography takes up the challenge of marrying the situation comic with the destiny of a character who goes back to the rest. of the world, enamored of freedom and intoxicated with carelessness, free from conventions.

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Ratings and certifications

  • Circus


Open on 14/01/2020

Opening times

  • Mardi : from 20h00 to 21h00


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  • Credit card
  • Cheques and postal orders

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Le Quatrain
Rue de la Basse Lande

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